Astral Debris

by Georgia Fields

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Ben McKenzie
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Ben McKenzie Georgia's unique voice and beautifully poetic lyrics manage to remain definitively her while capturing a range of moods and emotions. From fierce (Hood and the Hunter) to contemplative (A Sisyphean Grail), warm (It's You) or joyous (We're Foolish Things) to bereft (My Favourite), Astral Debris never misses. There's no-one like her; this album is magnificent.
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released February 9, 2016

Produced by Georgia Fields

Mastered by Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering

Cover artwork by Brandi Strickland

Design and layout by Cara Whitelaw at Studio Together

Cover photograph by Nicole Cleary

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Georgia Fields Melbourne, Australia

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Georgia Fields' postcard-perfect pop combines the astral with the ordinary, earning her a reputation as one of Melbourne brightest emerging artists. ... more

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Track Name: From This Height
Icicles on the outside; molten rock on the inside
And she would break like a scythe of horizon sky
Skeleton are her branches with white egg shells underfoot
And she would break like an Autumn ember leaf

On her way back down through Astral Debris
Falling out like a meteor in the stratosphere
On her way back down through city lights
Everything looks so small from this height

She is nuclear winter in paper maché skin
And she would break like summer monsoon
Track Name: Hood and the Hunter
I am the Hood and the Hunter

Fingers in latches
A vision hatches
Under an egg-shell moon
Inside a gastral cocoon
Clear as a crystal
Straight as a pistol
I’m coming through that flesh
The Beast will not digest

I am the Hood and the Hunter

Teeth crash like mountains
Spring crimson fountains
I stain my cape
As I make my escape
And from the slaughter
A wolven daughter
With tooth and claw
Tears a daylight door
Track Name: We're Foolish Things
We push, we pull; we tug and war
With teeth and eager tongue
I the tempest; you the tundra
My fire meets your frozen mouth
And words fall out like stones
We carry them like broken bones

Love, oh love
We’re foolish things with fragile wings
Birds of a feather
And it feels so good when we flock together
Love, oh Love
We shouldn’t fuss, shouldn’t fight
We’re pieces of puzzle
And it feels so good when we fit together

A truce is called, so we quit the war
And love so good that the neighbours cum
Inside my heart a little spark
Says, “This could be a life-long thing”
Then words fall out like stones
We carry them like broken bones
Track Name: A Sisyphean Grail
Oh what a fool am I
To think that I could fight
The Laws Imperial
Our Fates Ethereal
I tried to lay my claim
Played territory games
Inside your Catacomb
Laboured to build a home

And oh, I push that rock and it rolls
I push that rock and it rolls
Back to the bottom

A serpent eats his tail
A Sisyphean Grail
I do my best but then
Back to the start again
Track Name: Where Are We Now?
Had to get the train
From Potsdamer Platz
You never knew that
That I could do that
Walking the dead

Sitting in the Dschungel
On Nürnberger Strasse
A man lost in time
Near KaDeWe
Just walking the dead

Where are we now, where are we now?
The moment you know, you know, you know

Twenty thousand people
Cross Bösebrücke
Fingers are crossed
Just in case
Walking the dead

As long as there's sun
As long as there's rain
As long as there's fire
As long as there's me
As long as there's you
Track Name: Open Orange (feat. Phia)
You open me up like one of your oranges
You rub at the pith, digging your fingers in
And oh, I declare:
What a wonderful way to be devoured
By you and your beautiful mouth

At times I fear what you might find inside of me
(The table’s laid and all I have to do is wait)
Still I crumble like soft cheese under your butter knife
(Don’t spread me thin; I’ll waste away before your eyes)
And oh, I am but
A cumulus cloud in your firmament
Afloat, adrift in blues

And all that came before
Were just movie scenes in black and white
Now I see in Technicolor
For flesh and seeds agape
I am your Open Orange
Track Name: Moon
I’ve seen it all before
Rolling through the night sky
All your tiny wars
All your fallen empires
My cold light
Nocturnal kite
A beacon for the Lunatics,
Wayward Ships and Romantics

I’ve watched you from a far
Build mirror balls and Berlin walls
Stacked your silver stairs
Scraping at the sky
You built revolving doors
And factory floors
Parlour games and politics
All these clever magic tricks

I’ve been here so long
I’ll be here when you are gone
All your sad songs race
Breathless to the edge of space

You fought yourselves in chase
Raced to me on sparks and flame
A boot upon my face
A stab to make your claim
Then a hero
Returns aglow
Go home and say you own me
But nobody can own me
Track Name: It's You
Is this seat taken?
I want to ride with you
On this rollercoaster
Such a view
I know I have highs and I have lows
But if you stick around
I’ll make it worth your while, ‘cause

It’s you that I’ve been waiting for
It’s you my breath is baited for
It’s you my heart is fated for, it’s you

It isn’t easy
The mess and magic we make
I know I’m trouble, but I promise you
I’ll be the best kind of trouble that you’ve ever had
And oh, we’ll have highs and we’ll have lows
But if it’s you and me
Baby it’s worthwhile, ‘cause it’s you…

The archer, the arrow
My bones and my marrow
The tealeaves and tarot
The songs of the sparrow know it’s you…
Track Name: High Horse
Watching the clock
Heʼs the patient type
So cock sure
He could get her off
Her high horse
Sheʼs riding so upright

But itʼs all in the way that she loops her Yʼs
In the messages left by the margins of
His blue lined note book

Two rows from
The blackboard, he captures
Her scent, like a predator
Must stay cool
Gotta watch for a sign
Donʼt let it get
Too hard

Itʼs all in the way that she calls his name
The sibilant sound as she moves her mouth
Around his surname

The bell threatens to
Ring, to toll, two wide eyes
Upon a smudge
Of chalk on her
Pencil skirt, he wants to
Beat it off

But itʼs all in the way that she shifts her weight
He just knows that she sees him
As more than sixteen and
Some day soon
Heʼs gonna ride on that high horse
Track Name: My Favourite
Of all the stupid things I’ve done
Of all the feet I put in mouths
Of all the doomed things I’ve tried to save
Of all the wishes I have ever made

You are my favourite folly
You are my most brilliant mistake
You are my favourite heartbreak

Of all the games I’ve played and lost
Of all the coins I’ve dared to toss
Of all the people that I’ve tried so hard to change
Of all the fates I’ve begged be rearranged

And oh, I knew
But I didn’t want to believe it
And oh, I knew
But I didn’t want you to leave

Of all the milk I’ve spilled on floors
And all the fingers caught in doors
Of all the writing I’ve read on the wall
Of all the pride I’ve had before a fall